Every racecar driver aims to win every racecar challenge, this is only possible when equipped with the right vehicle; however, the role of great wheel in car racing cannot be over emphasized. Wheels are the backbone of the vehicle, the pillar that holds the weight, the aerodynamic support. Wheels are often the determinants of success in drag racing besides the aesthetics they provide.

There are a myriad of wheel brands out there with a good profile and solid history but there is a need to go for the best. A critical selection and of course with safety and durability in mind has led us to pick out four brand wheels with the best racing wheels in the market; they are as follows:

Enkei RPF1

With a long history of manufacturing high end wheels, this Japanese brand series stands out with a blend of power and endurance. This light weight enkei rpf1 wheels are built from the hightest grade aluminum cast alloy each wheel is built to endure stress of any kind. It blends flow-forming technology with MAT to produce the sturdiest 5-spoked wheel with a lifetime warranty under any weather condition.

Enkei RPF1 Wheels

Konig Hypergram

This brand takes a cue from the Enkei brand by adopting the MAT manufacturing processes. Konig features a 12-spoked light alloy with sizes 15-18 inches. Finishes are simply divine and available in various custom colors.


Talk about expensive! This wheel puts affluence in drag racing with its unique flow forging technology. It features a classy concave profile design with five spokes and multiple spoke profiles that gives it a touch of panache. The wheel is set at $1100-$7000 and comes in sizes from 18-34 inches, as well as custom finishes.

Carbon Revolution CR9

The future of wheel is here! This amazing single piece wheel is made from carbon fiber which is known to confer light weight and yet maintain a rigid and sturdy structural integrity. This is the evolution of racing wheels as we know it. It is highly priced at $15,800

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