Top body kit brands for sports cars

Duraflex Widebody kit

This body kit does not perfectly suit all sports car but cars with curvy structures would make it a perfect fit. In order to add on the extra width on the car bodies the cars like Infinity G37 and Q60 are ideal. This kit offers front flares and also rear flares so you may need to buy front bumper by yourself and also rear diffuser. This will cost you around $1550.

Rocket Bunny Wide-body Aero Kit Version 2

In order to make your sports car look a bit more beefed up while also allowing wider wheels to fit in perfectly, Rocket Bunny offers the best choice in a bit more pricey option. Subaru BRZ and Scion Fr-S are the perfect candidates for this kit. For modification of the cars a wide range of products can be available. The price of the kit would be around $4150.

Roush Ford Mustang V6 RS

A common complaint heard from the users of former V6 was that their Mustang did not have that powerful beefed up look when compared to the newer series such as V8. But Roush was a game changer as it helped to modify the V6 models. It also serves purpose of budget conscious users as the kit is available at an affordable price of approximately $ 1495.

Liberty Walk LB Works Body kit

If you are willing to go for a bit more pricey option but totally worth every penny in return of great value then Liberty Walk LB Works Body kit is ideal for you. It has become a bench mark of high quality standard for body kits. It is of Japanese origin and caters to all kinds of car be it of any shape or size and be it a Ferrari or a MINI Cooper. This may cost you somewhat around $ 30,400 for which you surely will be pleased.

3D Carbon Body Kit

This kit is quite simple; not aggressive yet it fulfills the all needs to be a complete package. This kit is most suitable for a Volkswagen Jetta. Most of the body kits available offer side skirts which comes in a pair and also rear and front bumper but this kit also offers spoilers in pairs for the trunk and roof lid. This is an ideal deal for car users who are on a low budget. This kit can cost around $ 1100.

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