Innovation and competitiveness is at its peak with the debut of the luxury demon, Genesis G90 sedan. This demotes other Genesis sub-labels to elevate and celebrate the refining and ardent strive for perfection in the brand. The newest addition brings benevolence of unopposed technological advancements which tips the scale significantly, in comparison the popular Mercedes S-class Benz or even the BMW 7 series.


The daunting exterior is an embodiment of charisma and sleek stylish prestige. This is a luxury car like no other, with elegant polish and enhanced lighting structure and alignment. Its stands firm on 19-inch alloy wheels with the view to navigate through any terrain, no matter its consequence or imposed challenge.

The whole world is set to be wowed by this beauty which brings a lot more to the table than just another luxury ride. A ride of a lifetime is surely guaranteed with the G90 as well as other insightful indulgences.  This bad boy cranks up an impressive 420 horsepower with 383 lb-ft torque with a 5.0 liter V8 and a 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft torque with a 3.3 liter twin- turbo V6. The engines are served by an efficient, conveniently lighter and significantly smaller upgraded 8-speed automatic transmission.


 The seductive ambience of the interior resonate class and sophistication which can only be altered by its premium audio system and smart technology. The car is spacious with an acoustic glass which keeps out the noise. It features power front seats wide an extensive adjustability level for both driver and passenger. The rear seats carry heat and ventilation options and a 9.2 inch video screen sits at the center rear.

Safety features include driver assists such as an emergency break; pedestrian detection, cruise control, blind spot detection, and a lane assist to mitigate deviations. This is the beginning of a good year for the Hyundai brand.


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