Volvo erupts in electrifying plan

Flow Free is pretty popular game on the mobile phone platforms; you connect the correct colored dots with the least amount of moves used, you win. Volvo seems to be doing exactly that in their plans to expand and change the automotive industry big time. Should they succeed, they’ll be hitting homeruns after homeruns.

By 2019, they’ll build cars which will have battery powered engines along with the diesel one. They’ll also make hybrid models along with conventional petrol ones and between 2019 and 2021, they plan to make 5 100% electric vehicles. The Volvo Chief executive has announced that traditional petrol vehicles would be coming to an end very soon. The first electrical models are going to be built in China, and if they prove to be successful, production would start in Europe and U.S.A. The Chinese automotive titan Geely has already plug-in hybrid models. Though not fully functional on electricity, the cars do go a fair few dozen miles, before switching to petrol. The pricing of these hybrid models is a tad bit more than the petrol one. About £13,250 more to be exact, leaving the end price of the cars at £61,650.

The move towards hybrid electric cars, made by Volvo is the first one in a grand scale kind of approach. The government and most people see this in a very positive light. About 40% of U.K’s air pollution comes from burning of petrol and carbon emissions from the cars. Cars running on electricity or at least, reducing the time it runs on petrol, decrease the carbon emission and air pollution immensely. On top of that, as these non-renewable resources become scarcer, new methods have to be developed in order to survive. So reducing the usage in this way, would save tons of non-renewable resources like diesel, coal, octane and other organic fuels. All this initiatives, fuel towards a healthier, smarter and more freely flowing society.

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