The very first thing that popped in to all of our head-at least once- as a child was : what the hell is the purpose of a spoiler in a car. I mean apart from making the car look tremendously cool- the other reasons were very much an enigma to us. By now I am pretty sure all of guys have a faint- if not clear idea- for the real purpose of a spoiler in a car. In this article, I will discuss in detail about the purpose of a spoiler.

Let us start with simple physics- we all know a moving body will encounter drag or a resistive force that will oppose its motion. This is not good news for fast cars as it will fail to reach its maximum speed. However- with the proper use of aerodynamics, this resistive or drag force can be greatly cut down. There are many ways in which this can be done, but now I will only talk about how a spoiler does its job.

The spoiler allows the air to flow smoothly and a laminar flow which in turns reduces drag force- thus allowing the car to enjoy maximum of its engine thrust.

Spoilers come in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of colors. They sure are an eye candy-however- their job is much more important than just giving the car a good look. You must be wondering why is it called a spoiler and not something aerodynamic related or something related to drag. Well, the name origins from the fact that spoilers ‘spoil’ the natural flow of air and turns in to such a flow that is in favor of the car.

So, now you know that stylish plastic material attached to the back of sports car is way more than it meets to the eye.

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